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Blue and White Eggs

Hey! So Glad You're Here.

I am a feminist. I graduated from Cornell with a B.S. in 2016 and from Harvard with two master's degrees in 2020. I studied oppression and how it has all been cemented throughout history in public policy, economy, law, media, and religious institutions. I have helped people study intersectional feminism, build their own enterprise that adds to gender equity, and write articles on women's liberation. I am on Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube!

I think female disempowerment makes no sense and we're way past due to smash the patriarchy. I think women should have the same opportunities and resources as their male counterparts--that involves not learning their given places since the moment they are born as girls. Girls should not grow up rationalizing or enduring self-erasure, self-sacrifice, self-shaming, body-hating, degrading and "being put in their places." And the time and energy spent on internalizing the role of the Beauty (from the Beauty and the Beast) and downplaying themselves should be spent on pursuing ambitions equally great as those of male counterparts. 

I believe in women's liberation and that liberating women is the key to liberating men, boys, and all people of all genders. I hope by me talking about it, more people will come to believe in it too. 

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I provide coaching, social media strategy sessions, education on intersectional feminism, study tips, and work with brands and podcasts for interviews. 

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